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ShellCon Talks

I’m speaking at the wonderful ShellCon conference again this year with two colleagues who I respect a great deal. Please stop by and see the two talks

Talk 1Which Security Role is Right for Me – Infosec is an industry of diverse professionals, and the roles available are equally diverse. Even after one decides to pursue a career in cyber security, navigating through the myriad job types that exist can be daunting. The speakers, Damon “ch3f” Small and Paul Love, will reflect on their decades of experience in the industry and offer guidance as to how a candidate can focus their job search in specific areas of infosec. From red team, to blue team, to consulting, compliance, and management, there is a role for everyone. Attendees will have ample time for Q&A after the speakers’ prepared remarks, will gain a greater understanding of professional opportunities that exist, and will learn ow to determine which type of role may be best for themselves.

Talk 2 Introverts and Extroverts: Unite and Collaborate – Hear from two different leaders with different personality styles on how to work together and get tips on how to manage your interpersonal communications.

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