My Journal

Ally Financial

  • Initiated the creation of the threat intelligence program as well as a significant improvement in the security incident response program, cutting down on tracking of remediation as well as security vulnerability response times by 100%.
  • Hired 90% of team post-reorg within nine months with no disruption of service. Designed a unique program to manage better services, processes, and technologies which boosted operational efficiency against logistical challenges.
  • Led formation of Web Application Security program to elevate coverage, incorporating a wide array of training and web application security tools while improving organizational security.
  • Overhauled IS metrics to improve short- and long-term planning for a company generating $12B in annual revenue.
  • Acted as an evangelist regarding the revamped approach to partnering with IT organization in vulnerability remediation, paring down unpatched/under patched systems, addressing numerous systemic risks, and significantly decreasing vulnerability assessment findings; sought as an internal advisor to executive leadership with cybersecurity concepts and emerging technologies.

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