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Happy International Women’s Day

I recently talked about an amazing mentor of mine in a CO-OP blog celebrating International Women’s Day:

I have had the privilege to work many talented leaders and co-workers. The one person who made the most significant impact in my career over 15 years ago was an individual who is one of the most talented, inspiring leaders I have had the privilege to work with. As my manager and mentor, she helped me become a better leader and security professional by watching how she handled tough situations. She also taught me how to see problems from another point of view. As a woman in Information Security, she faced many obstacles in her career, but she never let it change her focus on helping organizations become better. She is now the Chief Information Security Officer of a very large Fortune 100 company and I continue to try to strive to be the leader that she continues to be.” Paul Love, Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer

Full article at – https://blog.co-opfs.org/happy-international-womens-day-heres-eachforequal-means-us/

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