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CISO Lessons Learned – Introduction

If you had the opportunity to go back in time, what would you tell your younger work self? I had a chance to ponder that recently, and it prompted me to gather a list of quotes that have inspired me. I had the opportunity to share them during a keynote presentation I gave at a conference. I challenged the audience to share any of their meaningful quotes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the response I received, and I got a few quotes from others that I have now added to the collection of inspirational sayings.

I posted the presentation on LinkedIn and I’m finally ready to share some thoughts about each quote. In weeks to follow, I will share all the quotes and some stories applicable to the quotes. Here’s the list of the quotes that I’ll be writing about (those provided at the conference are attributed to who provided them):

  • Hope is not a strategy
  • Technology only makes a bad process, bad faster
  • Don’t build around a tool, implement tools that fit your processes
  • Perfection is the enemy of the good
  • Don’t secure your company out of business
  • Do security with the organization, not to the organization
  • Complexity is easy, simplicity is hard
  • There are no failures, only opportunities to learn
  • Money and time flow to what you value
  • Acronyms and technical jargon are the languages of exclusion
  • 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing
  • The leader sets the emotional climate (provided by Daniel O’Donnell)
  • The business operates at the speed of trust (provided by Daniel O’Donnell)
  • Think beyond the tesseract (provided by Jacob Burgess)
  • Security stops and starts with people (provided by Scot Hutton)

 Some of these are some I picked up from others over the years, some are ones I’ve created, and I’ll share a few I recently heard from professional peers. I’m excited to write about this, and I hope to get some feedback, whether positive or negative as I think the best way to learn is to have genuine conversations.

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