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    By PaulSeptember 8, 2022

    Goal for the Day

    The goal for the day is – Tell someone how much I appreciate what they do. Too often we forget to acknowledge

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    By PaulSeptember 7, 2022

    Is it gossip or valuable information?

    Socrates had a triple filter test for evaluating the value of information received (or that you pass) can be tested for validity

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    By PaulSeptember 6, 2022

    Starting small

    Do you have to start a Threat Intelligence program and not know where to start because of all the information about automation

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    By PaulSeptember 3, 2022

    Non-technology leadership

    Suppose you are a non-technical leader in security. In that case, I strongly recommend at least reading about the tools your teams

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    By PaulSeptember 2, 2022

    Comparison is the thief of joy

    My son shared a great perspective with me today that I wish I had at his age. He shared the Theodore Roosevelt quote,

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    By PaulSeptember 1, 2022


    The message of the day – Feedback is a gift, even negative feedback. Accept it graciously and as it’s intended. I’ve learned